Straightline and Healthcare Branding: A Long Record of Success

healthcare expertise

One of our first healthcare clients was the global hospital chain, HCA. When HCA came to us, the brand was in trouble. Its reputation had been tarnished by fraud and it suffered from a fragmented organization. HCA’s problems were an illustration of America’s declining trust in medical institutions. By creating a brand strategy based on the shared emotional experience of employees and patients, HCA was able to transform its image and was eventually named one of world’s most ethical companies for nine consecutive years.

We’ve also worked with smaller pharmaceutical companies to develop brands that support their growth objectives. One such company is Teligent. Formerly known as IGI Laboratories, the company wanted to transform its business model into a science-driven specialty generics platform. They were also looking to position the company as a respected player in a market expected to be worth $175.9 billion by 2025. Together, we crafted a new name and scalable brand platform that captured the company’s enthusiasm, energy, and expertise. In the year following brand launch, Teligent saw revenues up 31% and completed the acquisition of three new products.

Most recently we worked with Avantor, a $6 billion leader in lab chemicals for pharma and biotech, after the company’s acquisition of the global distributor of research lab products, VWR. The project required careful planning in order to implement important brand changes without disrupting day-to-day operations, while also leaving room for future evolution. The brand strategy and brand design positioned Avantor as a unique, competitive leader in the market whose products and services play an integral role in life saving scientific breakthroughs.

In these cases and others, Straightline has sought to build brands that connect the dots between the organization’s objectives and its many stakeholders. We believe this works best when a company’s unique mission and personality is infused with transparency and honesty, values that underlie industry trends such as the increased demand for specialty generics and the popularity of patient-centered care. Straightline’s history in healthcare allows us to help bring brands into the future, ready to navigate disruption and capitalize on opportunities.

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