The Evidence Is In: Brand Matters

Although most corporate leaders accept this evidence as settled science, we still encounter skeptics. In particular, the accounting profession (as represented in the United States by FASB) still does not believe that internally grown intangibles such as brand should be valued on the balance sheet. This is in spite of the fact that these intangibles represent a significant portion of total enterprise value.

In the face of such skepticism, we believe now is the time to take action. Use this body of empirical data to convince your CEO that brand can create value:

  • Strong B2B brands can deliver 20% price premium over weaker brands in the same category
  • As much as 20% of all B2B purchase decisions are driven by brand
  • Customer loyalty is 50% higher for B2B companies with a strong brand
  • Strong brands can also save talent costs – weak brands can pay up to 10% more per hire
  • The right brand architecture decision can deliver double the returns when compared to the alternatives
  • The right branding decision in a merger can result in a shift in subsequent stock performance of over 30%

We have used this information to help our own clients make decisions about how to brand their organization following a merger, how to rationalize their complex brand portfolios, and how to better position their brands during market disruption.

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